Respite Care

Respite Care at Home:
Providing Help and Support

Providing care for a loved one at home can be very demanding, and can be a major cause of stress, exhaustion and burnout for caregivers. Dwell Homecare’s home respite care is a service designed to give caregivers a chance to relax and refresh. Taking a break from the full-time responsibility of home care can be a valuable opportunity.

As caregiving of a loved one can be both a physically and emotionally tiring job, by arranging respite care, family members and friends will have the chance to take a step back when needed. We have a brilliant team of respite carers who are specially trained to be adaptable and can easily help with temporary care when they are needed.

For some, it can be difficult to take any kind of break and rest without experiencing feelings of guilt. It’s important to note that being a caregiver is a very difficult job and it is ok to take a break when the time is right. If you are happy and have positive mental health, you will then be able to provide the best care in the future. Depending on the needs of each individual, we can offer both live-in care and day-care.

“For 3 years Dwell Homecare looked after my mother, providing her with first-class service, particularly towards the end of her life. All of the staff who attended to my mother were professional and did their best to provide care, even when circumstances would change. The carers were also a big support to my father, guiding him through medical interventions when needed, as his memory was not what it once was. The company manager ensured that I was always in the loop on my mother’s care, providing answers and solutions to any concerns I had. I would highly recommend Dwell for anyone who needs or wants homecare.”

– Christopher

How can we Help?

  • Companionship and Practical Care

Dwell Homecare offers personal care for each individual, giving you the peace of mind knowing your loved one will be well looked after during your break. Research has shown that respite care can have a very positive impact on the health and mental well being of families and friends who are primary caregivers. Our respite carers strive to provide the best residential care possible to all individuals who need it.

Older people commonly benefit from receiving home care, as they can stay in a familiar setting and can feel more confident and settled. Live-in carers and day carers can help with all the necessary needs, cooking meals, doing laundry and cleaning, grooming and hygiene, running errands, etc.

  • Individual Care

Our team is specially trained to support and communicate with all kinds of people and can provide various levels of support. We strive to create individual care plans and routines for each patient, depending on their needs, temperament and personality. We also are highly skilled at following schedules and routines that are already in place. This way, you can have confidence knowing we are providing the best care for your loved one, and following the same routines that will put them at ease.

As each individual’s needs are different, our carers are trained to adapt and provide temporary care to any individual. This also includes companionship and friendship, so that your loved one has a friendly face that they can feel safe with. We aim to support your loved one, in whatever way they need.

What Dwell Homecare offers is a support plan that gives your loved one the needed care to remain happy and comfortable while you recover. You can define what is required exactly to make sure it lives up to your expectations. Our respite care service can be provided for anything from an hour up to a week or even longer, depending on individual circumstances.

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What do our clients, their family and friends say about us?

My family is very grateful to Dwell Homecare. The staff have been so caring of my mother during her care. From day one, I know we made the right decision choosing this care agency.
Sanna K.

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