Companionship and Care: Creating a Personal Connection

Dwell Homecare’s goal is to provide a quality social companionship care service across the region. We believe that a very important part of our patient’s mental health and well-being is to continue to have social contact and community at all stages of their life. We aim to deliver different types of care, help and assistance to individuals who are living independently.

What can we offer?

  • Companionship

Even for those who enjoy their alone time, growing older can feel very lonely for many people. Even if you are happy with your own company, there are always times when it’s nice to see a friendly face and share a moment in their company. Elderly people often struggle with feelings of loneliness and social isolation, as their social interaction frequently minimises with age.

For some of our patients, home care focuses on chatting, making cups of tea, and just spending time together. Other individuals value help in the day to day challenges and enjoy having more general support. At Dwell Homecare we firmly believe that everyone should have a companion in their every day lives, particularly when they become older. It is important to have someone to rely on and gives friends and family members peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe and happy.

Life can be extremely difficult on your own, and with age, the more mundane house responsibilities can begin to seem overwhelming and exhausting. Our companionship service allows individuals to feel confident and, when needed, there is someone to rely upon. Our carers can provide precisely the right level of companion care you require, adding the essential element of human contact to their daily routine.

“My journey with Dwell started almost a year ago, and I have always experienced a high standard of care and support. My carer is very friendly, caring, and always arrives on time. Nothing I ask for is ever too much trouble, and the help with personal care and meals is always highly professional, while also leaving plenty of time for chats. For anyone in need of support to remain in their own home, I would most definitely recommend Dwell Homecare.”

– John

  • Practical Assistance and Support

By receiving personal care at home, older people can still experience a sense of home and freedom, whilst receiving the necessary help they need. Some individuals simply require a companion to offer support both in house and out. Whether that’s running errands, meeting family members or friends, our companion carers are there to help their patients get to where they need to go.

Additionally, our elderly care also focuses on supporting individuals practically at home, whether that is through cooking meals, dressing, personal grooming, dental hygiene, getting in and out of bed, taking medication and much more. Our live-in care staff aim to help with all of the daily needs that become more difficult with age. This service can help provide peace of mind that an elderly parent has companionship and care when you aren’t there.

We understand that personal needs are down to the individual, which is why we make our companionship care plans people-centred. Sometimes, the social needs of our patients could change from day-to-day. Our team are specially trained to interact with each individual and adapt to their needs.

Feel free to have a look at the
list of services we are able to offer:

  • Accompaniment for trips and outings

  • Accompaniment with outdoor events

  • Accompaniment at plays or concerts

  • Alzheimer’s care and needs

  • Assistance with clothing or dressing

  • Assistance with feeding and eating

  • Assistance with meal preparation

  • Assistance with bedtime needs

  • Assistance with morning and wake up tasks

  • Assistance with pets

  • Assistance with travel arrangements

  • Assistance with incontinence care

  • Attend to the rubbish

  • Attending to people who are at the door

  • Attending to houseplants

  • Collection of prescriptions/medication

  • Dementia care needs

  • Accompaniment to appointments

  • Dusting and cleaning

  • Help with a selection of reading material

  • Help with laundry

  • Help with washing and bathing

  • Help with general shopping

  • Help with ironing

  • Making beds and changing bed linen

  • Meal preparation and cleaning up

  • Organise wardrobes and cupboards

  • Participate in hobbies and crafts

  • Help with shopping lists

  • Help with grooming

  • Provide light housekeeping

  • Help with medication reminders

What do our clients, their family and friends say about us?

I have been with Dwell Homecare a while now and at ease here with the staff. Being able to do things myself and ask help whenever I needed is all I really ask for. The staff respects my privacy but at the same time, they always make sure I am okay.
Charlotte L.

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