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Having gained 35 years of experience in Health Care, Kelly Kaur set up Dwell Homecare to provide uniquely tailored homecare services. Kelly saw that some existing homecare providers only delivered pre-set, strongly defined services, which did not take the unique and complex needs of individuals into account. Kelly’s approach of treating those you care for like family members was at the core of her decision to challenge the status quo of the homecare market.

Our homecare services are delivered by a qualified and caring team, who are trained to give support in many ways. We offer a wide variety of both domiciliary care and palliative care services, depending on the needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for permanent care or short-term respite care, our team will be able to find the best care plan for you and your loved one. For some, this could include having live-in carers.

“The care shown by this whole team is really wonderful. I can’t thank them enough for what they do. A special thanks to Fouzia who really goes above and beyond in providing exceptional care”

- Anonymous

Though it can be strange at first having someone else in your home, our carers focus on building trust and allowing the client to remain independent at home. Receiving personal care at home can help give you and your loved one peace of mind, knowing that their specific needs are being met. At Dwell we offer a variety of practical help including grooming/dressing, personal hygiene, getting in and out of bed, cooking, shopping, house cleaning, help with medication and appointments and even one-off tasks like cleaning the oven.

Other individuals might value help in day-to-day needs, and will benefit from having more general support. Our carers strive to provide person-centred care at all times, and can also offer companionship care to your loved one. Alongside the more practical services we offer, our carers are also there to offer friendship and more social care. We aim to not only help maintain the physical care of our clients but to enhance their mental wellbeing as well. Some of our patients will need care that focuses on chatting, making cups of tea, and just spending time together. This type of companionship care can truly help your loved one with feelings of doubt or loneliness.

How to Access our Birmingham Homecare Service

Firstly, we start with discussing your or your loved one’s situation and then work out a plan for how one of our trained carers can help. This process will ensure that you are comfortable with the care plan we supply and feel confident in the care we can offer to your loved one. To learn more about our care at home services, you can contact us via email or phone, or use our contact form.

You can also contact your local council to help get your journey started!

“Dwell home are cares are currently looking after my terminally ill father and they are truly amazing. They have gone above and beyond my expectations with the care, kindness and dedication they have shown my father and our family. They are a small team that have built trust and friendship with us all. They really are angels without wings and if a day comes in the future I ever need care myself if I could find cares even half as good as my fathers have been I'd be more than happy. Thank you carers for everything.”

- Anonymous

Our home care services are tailored to suit an individual’s requirements. We provide an excellent service for all without compromise.

From long term complex care through to support with everyday living, Dwell Home care allows you to remain independent whilst living in the comfort of your own home.

Our home care services are delivered by a qualified and caring team.

The quality of care we provide is of paramount importance and is person-centred at all times.

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Services We Offer

  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Support
  • Respite Care at Home
  • Dementia Care
  • Companionship
  • Live-in and 24 Hour Care
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What do our clients, their family and friends say about us?

I have been with Dwell Homecare a while now and at ease here with the staff. Being able to do things myself and ask help whenever I needed is all I really ask for. The staff respects my privacy but at the same time, they always make sure I am okay.
Charlotte L.

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